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CM Punk Shoot Interview DVD-R

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CM Punk has become known as one of the most brash and outspoken independent stars today. He holds nothing back in this RF Video Shoot Interview as he goes into detail on his entire career from IWA Mid South to MLW to Zero-One in Japan to NWA TNA to everywhere in between. The charismatic Punk is open and honest in giving his views on a number of subjects. This is an interesting and entertaining look into the mind of a fast rising star who possesses one of the most underrated minds in the wrestling business. Topics discussed in this interview include:

-Growing up as a wrestling fan
-Talks about being straight edge
-Training with Danny Dominion & Ace Steel
-Working as part of the Goonsquad
-Working for Dale Gagne in the AWA
-Talks about early indies he worked for
-Memories of his first big match which was a ladder match against Ace Steel
-Memories of early matches against Colt Cabana
-Working for IWA Mid South
-Being in the Goldbond Mafia
-Thoughts on Ian Rotten as a booker and businessman
-Thoughts on Jim Cornette's tirades against IWA Mid South
-Why he ended his association with them
-Talks about his favorite matches against Chris Hero including the 93 minute match
-Why the match went so long
-Talks about working Eddy Guerrero and Rey Mysterio in IWA Mid South
-Favorite and least favorite moments in IWA
-Talks about fracturing his skull
-What are some of your favorite and least favorite IWA Mid South moments?
-Describe what happened when you broke your skull?
-What happened in the Colt Cabana match for Norm Connors where he banged his head pretty bad and the match almost had to be stopped and fans thought it was an angle
Memories of working for 3PW
-Thoughts on the way Meanie and Jasmin run the company
-The story behind why Jasmin wouldn't work a show he was on
-Thoughts on CZW
-Talks about his match with Justice Pain and why he hated it
-Why he only worked one show for CZW
-Thoughts on John Zandig and how the company is ran
-Talks about the night he left the 3PW show to come do a live promo
-Talks about his early matches with Colt Cabana
-Thoughts on the car promos with Cabana
-Working as a babyface early on
-Going heel
-Thoughts on being programmed with Raven
-Talks about their first Boston on 3/15
-How he came up with the Second City Saints name
-Talks about the angle where Cabana turned on Raven
-Opinion on the storyline about his alcoholic father
-Getting Lucy
-Thoughts on the dog collar match with Raven at Death Before Dishonor
-Reaction to using beer in the angle of that match
-Working with Tommy Dreamer
-Talks about the steel cage match against Raven in Boston
-What he would have done different in the cage match
-Talks about what went on behind the scenes in putting the match together
-Talks about blading so much
-Working with Terry Funk at Glory By Honor 2
-Wrestling Steve Corino in Spencerport, NY
-Wrestling A.J. Styles in Baltimore
-Becoming trainer at the wrestling school
-Talks about the atmosphere in the locker room
-How he ended up working for Zero One
-Working against Hashimoto
-Favorite guys to work with on the tour
-Adjusting to the Japanese style and traveling in Japan
-The atmosphere in the Zero One locker room
-Why he hasn't returned to Japan
-Working a WWE dark match
-Working for MLW
-Wrestling Raven in MLW compared to other indys
-Thoughts on MLW owner Court Bauer
-Working for TNA
-Thoughts on the product
-Talks about the Gathering gimmick in TNA
-Talks about the clockwork orange house of fun match against Shane Douglas
-Thoughts on Vince Russo's booking style
-Talks about Dutch Mantel coming in as booker
-Future goals
-Thoughts on the role the internet plays in wrestling
-Talks about the recent controversy surrounding Teddy Hart
-All this and much more