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Christopher Daniels Shoot Interview DVD-R

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From being The Fallen Angel to Curry Man, from working just about every notable indy tournament and for numerous indy promoters, from traveling all over the world to compete, from having matches in both WWF and WCW, Christopher Daniels has done it all except break through on national TV. Daniels visited the RF Video offices for an exclusive shoot interview. He is a very articulate individual who gave honest, complete answers to everything. He also told some entertaining, inside stories. This underrated star gave a unique shoot that is really the first to cover life on the independent scene in detail. This is one of the few men that has been able to make a living and gain a strong reputation working the indys. It is also the first shoot to cover some of the smaller Japanese promotions. Here is what he talked about: 

-His start in the business. 
-Where did The Fallen Angel gimmick come from? 
-Did he ever find himself in controversy from the gimmick? 
-Being in The Funkin Dojo for WWF in 1998. 
-Working for Roland Alexanders APW. 
-Participating in the King Of Indies 2000 tournament. 
-How he got into ECW. 
-Daniels covers it all about his short stint in ECW. 
-Why was he put over so strong when he first came in and never brought back to ECW? 
-Daniels takes you inside the ECW locker room. 
-He gives his opinion on Paul Heyman. 
-The complete story on how he got booked in Japan? 
-The inside scoop on how he got the Curry Man gimmick and what he thought of it. 
-What is Great Sasuke like as a boss? 
-Being in the Super J Cup 2000. 
-Daniels talks about working various guys in Japan like CIMA & Magnum Tokyo. 
-Working for Michinoku Pro and Battlarts. 
-Fallen Angel vs. Curry Man. 
-Working for Victor Quinones and being in the IWA Puerto Rico juniors tournament. 
-What promises have promoters made to him? 
-Has living on the West Coast hurt his career? 
-A look at the top indy promoters and if anyone ever tried to rip him off. 
-Daniels covers just about every aspect of making a living on the indy scene. 
-Working for Jim Kettner and Kevin Kelly in ECWA. 
-All the details on being in the Super 8. 
-Discusses his matches vs. Lance Storm. 
-His break in WCW before the company went out of business. 
-What did he think of his matches there and the angle where Scott Steiner attacked him? 
-Daniels talks about the WCW locker room. 
-The scoop on working in WWF in dark matches and on various TV tapings. 
-Daniels gives all the info on working in WWF. 
-He talks about how people treated him in the WWF locker room. 
-Why didnt Kurt Angle bump in the match he had against him? 
-What was it like working Rob Van Dam? 
-Is he bitter towards the business or jealous of other wrestlers? 
-How the fans act on the indy scene. 
-Daniels talks about learning to work many different styles. 
-He looks at working on the East Coast vs. West Coast. 
-Lots more as Daniels goes into great detail on all these subjects and many others!!!