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Bryan Danielson Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Independent Wrestler Extraordinaire "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson's shoot interview from 2004 is now available on DVD, exclusively from RF Yes, the self proclaimed "best damn wrestler in the world" sat down and discussed his well rounded wrestling career. You'll get to hear about all the early years of the American Dragon's career, straight from Bryan himself. American Dragon has trained with the best, including Shawn Michaels and William Regal, and shares stories about working with two of wrestling's most famous names. Dragon also talks about his time in the WWE, FMW, ECWA, APW, New Japan, and many other promotions!

Basically, everything you ever wanted to know about Bryan Danielson: the early years is on this DVD. A must-have for American Dragon fans, Danielson has been involved in two of wrestling's greatest tournaments, the ECWA Super 8 and the historic 2001 King of the Indies and he had plenty of stories from both experiences! Bryan also shared his thoughts on controversial promoter Roland Alexander as well as indy superstars including Low Ki, Donovan Morgan, Doug Williams and many more. Everything you could want to know about Danielson is here, including the days the Texas Wrestling Academy and the origins of the American Dragon name and cattle mutilation submission and Dragon talks firsthand about the other graduates of the TWA including Spanky and Garrisson Cade. This shoot is like a FAQ about American Dragon!

-Getting into the wrestling business
-Going to the Texas Wrestling Academy
-Initial impressiosn of Shawn Michaels
-Who came up with the name American Dragon & why
-What was training like
-How did Shawn protect them
-His first match with Spanky
-How did the veterans react to the young guys
-Memories of going to FMW
-What was the dojo like
-Thoughts on getting a WWE developmental deal so quickly
-How they got the deal
-Initial thoughts of MCW
-What the training and schedule was like
-Working with Steve Regal
-What were the differences between Texas & Memphis
-Memories of wrestling Jerry Lynn
-Discussion of the match he had against Low Ki in MCW that no one has ever seen
-Thoughts on being released by WWE
-How did the all the TWA guys (Dragon, Spanky, Lance Cade, Shooter Schultz) find out and how did everybody react
-Thoughts on Shooter Schultz quitting & was he surprised
-Feelings towards Lance Cade since they kept him
-How did he end up working for Jim Kettner
-Working the ECWA Super 8 2001
-Thoughts on the Super 8 match with Low Ki & the rematch with Ricky Steamboat as ref
-What advice did Steamboat give to everybody
-Initial impression of Roland Alexander
-Feelings on how Roland was portrayed in Beyond the Mat
-Thoughts on the APW school, how it was ran, & how he ended up being a trainer
-Was there any heat with Donovan Morgan and Mike Modest since he replaced them
-Memories of all the matches at King of Indies 2001 (Spanky, Williams, Donovan, & Low Ki)
-What things did he teach his students at the APW school?
-Why he left
-Comments on people saying Low Ki works too stiff
-Which wrestler has complained about Dragon working too stiff
-Favorite matches
-Thoughts on the positive reaction after the match with Dragon, Low Ki, & Daniels on the 2/23 show
-Was he surprised they were the main event on that show ahead of Guerrero vs. Crazy
-Thoughts on his match against Low Ki
-Talks about match on 11/9 against A.J. Styles
-Where did the cattle mutilation submission come from
-Getting a tryout at the New Japan dojo
-What the training is like
-Was there pressure to perform to a certain standard while on tour for New Japan
-Thoughts on working the Tokyo Dome
-Working against Liger
-Thoughts on working against Kan