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Bill Demott 2010 Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Everyone once in a while RF VIDEO sits down with a wrestler that pulls no punches and holds nothing back.  Well this shoot is not Hugh Morrus in any sense of the word.  For the first time ever with RF VIDEO, Bill Demott took the hot seat for an exclusive one on one in depth interview. RF VIDEO knew that Demott had done a previous interview but there has been so much talk about it that we felt it was time for a follow up interview and there was a lot of recent happenings to discuss will Bill Demott especially the heavy criticism that he had gotten on the internet for the way he ran his wrestling camp for the WWE in the Deep South developmental territory.   Bill was so open and honest during our shoot that it made the interview really stand out.

During this RF VIDEO exclusive interview you will learn how Bill got his start in the wrestling business training in NY under the legendary head trainer for Gleasons wrestling school, with Johnny Rodz.  Bill takes us inside the school and talks about what he had to go thru physically and mentally to prepare himself for a long journey inside the wrestling business.  How did Bill wind up in Puerto Rico and what was it like to be away from home for over 6 months.  How did Bill Demott wind up in Japan teaming up with Mr Pogo for the Wings promotion?  You will hear all of the wild inside the locker room stories that took place in Japan and Puerto Rico as well.  How did Bill come to the land of Extreme and you will be shocked at what the original gimmick was supposed to be for him in ECW. 

His path crossed over with Kevin Sullivan during his time in ECW and that connection landed him a job in WCW and you will hear how he met Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff in the bathroom for his first ever meeting between the two sides.  How did Bill get his ring name by Terry Taylor wife?  What was the WCW locker room like with Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff and the other bookers of the time.  What was his relationship like with Hulk Hogan outside of the ring.  You will hear why Bill had heat with Randy Savage over a incident in the ring when he ripped Randy's jacket.   Bill talks about being part of the different factions like the Dungeon of Doom group and with Jimmy Harts first family.  How did he end up us a MIA cast member.  Did he like to work with Lance Storm and Jim Duggan.

Bill was always known as a big guy who could work in the ring and he always had a great ring presence. There were not many big guys that were his size that could do the moonsault off the top rope.  Just when he thought he would be on the sidelines Bill was always thinking of a new gimmick to get himself over and to give himself another chance in the spot light.   Bill talks about all the different roles he had in the WCW company and we talk about all of his major programs.

What was it like when WCW folded up shop after the WWE bought them out.  What happened to Bill when Johnny Ace told him he got a new job in WWE and why he was fired only a few weeks later.  Bill talks about the WCW invasion angle and who got them fired once again after he was rehired.  This is a story that has to be heard.  Bill talks about his first ever meeting with Jim Ross and what the WWE locker room was like compared to the WCW locker room.  You will find out who got heat right away with one classic story after another.  What happened to Bagwell backstage with Pat Patterson?  Why did DDP have a short run in the company? How did Bill get over as a monster heel in the WWE locker room.  What really happened when he got into a motor cycle accident?

His WWE career was filled with peeks and valleys and Bill always