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Axl Rotten Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Axl has been in tons of promtions with lots of stories to tell. Axl has competed extensively in ECW,Global,USWA,IWA/Japan,WCW. Axl Rotten is one of the most outspoken wrestlers in the business. Axl is usually a standout on our Q&A coventions due to his opinions & expressions. As one of the original pioneers of ECW, Axl has been there through all times. Axl talks about the highs & lows of the long road of ECW & his parts in them. Topics discussed are:his days as Funks goodmen, Ian Rotten, the balloon thumbtack match, his problems & some conflicts he had during his short stint in WCW, Dusty Rhodes, teaming with Balls Mahoney in & outside the ring, & a ton more. Axl is hilarious & had us hysterical during the entire shoot.This without question is the most hilarious shoot we have ever done.