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Rey Mysterio Jr 2015 Shoot Interview DVD-R

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619… 619… 619... Booyaka Booyaka… Its been 16 years since RF VIDEO sat down with Rey Mysterio and he’s back for only one company, the King of the Shoots, RF VIDEO! This exclusive tell all interview took place only a few days after his WWE contract expired, and it is very emotional.

As soon as our cameras turned on we started talking about his final days in WCW and what really went on behind the scenes when he found out that the end was near for WCW and that WWE had bought them out. Rey goes into detail on how he was picked up by the WWE and what the transformation was like for him to becoming a WWE superstar. What were his initial meetings like in WWE and what process did he have to go through, like his time in OVW, before being called up to TV.

During this interview with Rey, we cover every one of his major storylines while he was in the WWE and Rey discusses in great detail all of his main event matches that he participated in from TV's and PPV’s including his initial run with Kurt Angle and Chavo Guerrero. Did he like teaming up with Edge early on? What were his thoughts on being back with his friends Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit in the WWE? You will hear tons of backstage stories on all of his friends, as we go into great detail on the passing of Eddie Guerrero and his thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy. Rey has never talked about any of this before publicly until now. This is where the interview becomes very emotional. We spend great time on both of these emotional topics.

Did Rey like being part of the One Night Stand PPV and what were his thoughts on the finish of his match with Sabu? What was it like to work Batista and eventually win the world title at WrestleMania? Rey Mysterio has so many amazing stories about his time in the WWE and this shoot interview brings out the best locker room and road stories that he has ever shared.

Rey has worked with every big name in the WWE and shares stories on them all from John Cena, Undertaker, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, JBL, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show and the list goes on and on! What were his thoughts on CM Punk quitting the company, what did he think about Alberto Del Rio splitting away from the WWE after the backstage incident, did he think he was treated fairly when he was world champion? These are just a few of the hot topics that we talked about.

Rey talks about his thoughts on other hot topics as well including the wellness policy and his issues that he had with it, his storyline with CM Punk, winning the title to only lose it to John Cena the same night, his injuries that held him back during his last few years with the company and how the company treated him during this time, thoughts on Daniel Bryan’s run, why Sin Cara did not work out in the WWE, the difference between HHH and Vince, and so much more!

Everyone wants to know why Rey wanted to leave the WWE, as it’s no secret that he wanted to get out of his contract, and you will hear the real reasons behind all of that. Rey takes us behind the scenes with his meetings and discusses if he had any real issues with HHH or Vince on the way out. What were his thoughts on the WWE extending his contract when he got injured?

Rey talks about his future plans in AAA and Lucha Underground, and we take a look at his thoughts on the wrestling scene in 2015. We also look back at other key moments of his career, as he gives us a lot of insight on his entire wrestling career from Mexico, WCW and so much of his entire WWE career. We did our homework and left no questions unanswered, so if you’re a true WWE fan and love Rey Mysterio, this shoot interview is a must! This was a total home run for RF VIDEO as we love bringing you interviews with the biggest names in the business and it does not get any bigger than this legend, Rey Mysterio!