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Rebuilding the Sheik DVD

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A hilarious, poignant investigative journey into the resurgence of the Iron Sheik's popularity

THE IRON SHEIK -- Former wrestling star now seeing a resurgence in mainstream popularity due to his outrageous antics.

ERIC SIMMS -- The Sheik's longtime manager and handler.

Join in on this HILARIOUS and POIGNANT investigative journey inside the rebirth of the Iron Sheik. No punches are pulled as we try to get to the bottom of it all -- Are the Internet "shoots" legit? How contrived is every public appearance now? Is the renewed marketability a stroke of genius or a stroke of luck?

Join us for this wild journey and meet a most unlikely pairing!

Dope; Brian Blair; Bubba; Howard Stern; Ultimate Warrior; The Arabs; The Jews; The Gays; The "Shoots"; Money; Parties; Anal Rape... Did we get it all?