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The Golden Age of Quebec Wrestling Volume 4 DVD

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First ever: All-Star Wrestling footage For the first time ever on DVD, we have footage of the Rougeau’s promotion from the 1960’s and 1970’s, All-Star Wrestling, including clips from the first Ivan Koloff vs Johnny Rougeau match!

Raymond Rougeau on commentary duties Some are clips only with no sound. So to improve the experience watching these rare footage, we got Raymond Rougeau to do commentary in both French and English. So fans will have tremendous insights from the great performers of that era such as Gino Brito, Hans Schmidt, Abdullah the Butcher and of course, Jacques Sr and Johnny Rougeau. 

Early Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn matches Also, some very early footage of WWE’s Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, before they were Superstars. Watch Zayn in his Stevie McFly gimmick, the persona he used before becoming El Generico, as well as a 2005 match in Quebec City between none other than Kevin Steen and AJ Styles. 

All-Star Wrestling

  1. Intro du combat seulement/Match intro only Johnny & Jacques Rougeau vs Hollywood Blonds (français & English) *
  2. Gino Brito vs Mr. X (clip; français & English)
  3. Johnny Rougeau vs Abdullah the Butcher (clip; français & English)
  4. Johnny Rougeau vs Ivan Koloff (clip; français & English)
  5. Hans Schmidt vs John Hanrick (original, français & English)
  6. Edouard Carpentier vs Sam Carafello (clip; original, français & English)
  7. Serge Dumont vs Silent Brian Mackney (original, français & English)
  8. Jacques Rougeau Sr. vs Stan Stasiak (clip; original, français & English)
  9. Johnny Rougeau vs Mr. X (clip; match de retraite de Johnny/Johnny’s retirement match; français & English)
  10. Entrevue/Interview Johnny & Raymond Rougeau (original, français & English)
  11. Raymond Rougeau vs Butch Morgan (1er combat télévisé de Raymond/Ray’s 1st TV match; original, français & English)
    International Wrestling
  12. King Tonga & Gino Brito Jr vs Sailor White & Pierre Lefebvre
  13. Jacques & Raymond Rougeau vs Sailor White & Pierre Lefebvre
  14. Jacques & Raymond Rougeau vs Pierre Lefebvre & Frenchy Martin
  15. King Tonga vs Rick Steiner
  16. Entrevue/Interview Dino Bravo
  17. Michael Hayes détruit l’auto de Rick Martel/destroys Rick Martel’s car 
  18. Sunny War Cloud vs Sweet Daddy Siki
  19. Entrevue/Interview Mad Dog Vachon
  20. Bad News Allen vs Daniel Roy
  21. Long Riders & Steve Strong vs Road Warriors & Tom Zenk
  22. Entrevue/Interview Road Warriors
  23. Steve Strong & Great Samu vs Toshiaki (Kawada) & Reggie Rapone 
  24. Entrevue/Interview Floyd Creatchman & Steve Strong
  25. Pierre-Carl Ouellet vs Glen Kulka **

Final DVD Bonus: Before They Were Superstars
  • Sylvain Grenier vs Franky the Mobster (2003) **
  • Stevie McFly (Sami Zayn) vs Don Paysan (2004) **
  • Kevin Steen vs AJ Styles (2/3) (2005) ***

Approx. 4 hrs.

For our English-speaking fans, some of the interviews and/or commentaries are in French only. But we assure you that you will enjoy it nevertheless. 

*All of the All-Star Wrestling footage is Jacques Sr. & Raymond Rougeau’s property. Most of the matches are clips only, but these are the only known footage of All-Star Wrestling. 
**These matches are a courtesy of
***This match is a courtesy of EWR