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The Golden Age of Quebec Wrestling DVD

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Complied by the authors of "Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs", Bertrand Hébert & Pat Laprade featuring such stars as Mad Dog Vachon, Edouard Carpentier, The Road Warrior, The Garvins, Abdullah the Butcher, The Rougeaus, Rick Martel, Dino Bravo, Joe Leduc, Gino Brito, Sailor White,

1-Intro Lutte Grand Prix/Grand Prix Wrestling

2-Entrevue/Interview Paul Vachon annonce le combat du siècle/announced the Match of the Century

3-Mad Dog Vachon vs Édouard Carpentier

4-Hommage Yvon Robert

5-Entrevue/Interview Dino Bravo & Gino Brito

6-Entrevue/Interview Don Leo Jonathan & Killer Kowalski

7-Entrevue/Interview Édouard Carpentier & Jean Ferré

8-Entrevue/Interview Tarzan Tyler & Gilles Poisson

9-Gilles Poisson vs Dino Bravo

10-Entrevue/Interview Jonathan pour le match revanche contre Jacques Rougeau/for his revanche against Jacques Rougeau

11-Entrevue/Interview Eddy Creatchman

12-Edouard Carpentier vs Destroyer (Destroyer démasqué/unmasked)

13-Entrevue/Interview Gino Brito & Dino Bravo

14-Entrevue/Interview Tarzan Tyler & Gilles Poisson

15-Entrevue/Interview Billy Two Rivers

16-Mad Dog Vachon vs Jean Ferré

17-Générique/End credits Grand Prix

1-Intro Lutte Internationale/International Wrestling

2-Entrevue/Interview Frank Valois

3-Montage pour le lancement du premier VHS/Recap for the launch of the 1st VHS

4-Rick Martel vs Dino Bravo

5-Dino Bravo vs Superstar (angle Bravo en sang/angle bloodied Bravo)

6-Entrevue/Interview Dino Bravo

7-Entrevue/Interview Rick Martel

8-Rick Martel vs Abdullah the Butcher

9-Dino Bravo vs Sailor White

10-Rick Martel vs Sailor White (angle du ceintre/angle with hanger)

11-Entrevue/Interview Eddy Creatchman & Abdullah the Butcher

12-Entrevue/Interview Dino Bravo & Rick Martel

13-Dino Bravo vs King Tonga (au/at the Forum)

14-Entrevue/Interview Tarzan Tyler & King Tonga

15-Entrevue/Interview Pierre Lefebvre & Pat Patterson

16-Entrevue/Interview Sailor White, Rick Valentine & Tarzan Tyler

17-Rick Valentine & Sailor White vs Pierre Lefebvre & Frenchy Martin

18-Entrevue/Interview Pierre Lefebvre & Frenchy Martin

19-Exhibition de force de/Strongman showing by Jos Leduc (attaque sur/attack on Paul Leduc par/by Tonga & Superstar)

20-Intro des Grands de Lutte Internationale/Intro of The Greats of International Wrestling

21-Road Warriors vs Armand & Jacques Rougeau Jr.

22-Entrevue/Interview Road Warriors

23-Dino Bravo vs Superstar (turn de/of Jos Leduc)

24-Dino Bravo vs Jos Leduc

25-Rougeaus vs Garvins (match #1, Massacre de la St-Jean Baptiste/St-Jean-Baptiste Day Massacre)

26-Rougeaus vs Garvins (match #2, dernier gala par un promoteur Québécois seul au Forum/last show by a Quebec promoter alone at the Forum))

27-Entrevue/Interview Road Warriors

28-Road Warriors vs Rick Martel & Dino Bravo

29-Rougeaus vs Garvins (match #3, losers leave town)

30-Man Mountain Moore & Gilles Poisson vs Jos Leduc & Mad Dog Vachon (dernier match de/ last match of Vachon)

31-Abdullah the Bucther vs Bruiser Brody

32-Abdullah the Butcher vs Gino Brito (dernier match de LI au Québec/IW’s last match in Quebec)

Approx. 4 hrs.

For our English-speaking fans, some of the interviews and/or commentaries are in French only. But we assure you that you will enjoy it nevertheless.

Producteurs/Producers: Bertrand Hébert & Pat Laprade
Images: Lutte Grand Prix/Lutte Internationale
Sélection des matchs & entrevues/Matches & interviews selection: Bertrand Hébert
Design DVD : François Poirier
Design couverture/jaquette/Art cover : Yan O’Cain