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The Golden Age of Quebec Wrestling Volume 2 DVD

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Newest Golden Age of Quebec Wrestling featuring matches from the 50s, 70s, 80s and 2000s including:

  • Maurice Vachon vs Larry Moquin (from January 11, 1956)
  • Ovila Asselin vs “Wild” Bull Curry (from January 11, 1956)
  • Killer Kowalski vs Argentina Rocca (from September 19, 1956)
  • Rare 80s matches with Tarzan Tyler, Hans Schmidt & Vivian Vachon
  • The only known available Pat Patterson match from Montreal 
  • Midget match featuring Sky Low Low and Tiger Jackson
  • A 23-year old-HOFer-to-be Toshiaki Kawada in Montreal
  • Late 80s match from The “Original” Sheik
  • Lots of Dino Bravo, Rick Martel and the Rougeaus
  • Early Kevin Steen and Sami Zayn (as El Generico)

1-Intro « La lutte ce soir » avec/with Michel Normandin*
2-“Wild” Bull Curry vs Ovila Asselin
3-Maurice Vachon vs Larry Moquin
4-Killer Kowalski vs Argentina Rocca
5-Intro Lutte Grand Prix/Grand Prix Wrestling
6-Gino Brito, Emile Dupré & André Pelletier vs UFO, Tarzan Tyler & Gilles Poisson
7-Entrevue/Interview Don Leo Jonathan
8-Entrevue/Interview Maurice Vachon & Tokyo Joe
9-Billy Red Cloud & Bobby Bold Eagle vs Mad Dog Vachon & Tokyo Joe
10-Intro « Les Professionnels de la lutte du Québec »
11-Richard Charland vs Tarzan Tyler, entrevue/interview Charland
12-Hans Schmidt vs « Le Bourreau » Neil Guay, entrevue/interview Schmidt  
13-Intro « Les Étoiles de la Lutte »
14-Le Géant Ferré (Andre the Giant) vs Bob Boucher & Dan Ferris
15-Gino Brito & Tony Parisi vs Pat Patterson & Mad Dog Lefebvre**
16-Robert Rancourt (Sunny War Cloud) vs Frenchy Martin
17-Richard Charland attaque/attacks Leo Burke
18-Entrevue/Interview Richard Charland, Frenchy Martin & Pierre Lefebvre
19-Jacques & Raymond Rougeau vs Sailor White & Rick Valentine
20-Entrevue/Interview Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
21-Conclusion « Les Étoiles de la Lutte »
22-Intro International Wrestling
23-Sr, Jr & Raymond Rougeau vs Tarzan Tyler, Richard Charland & Sailor White
24-Rick Martel vs King Tonga
25-Sky Low Low & Tiger Jackson vs Pancho Boy & Little Brutus
26-Jacques Rougeau Jr & Jos Leduc vs The Road Warriors
27-Vivian Vachon vs Christina Cortez
28-Entrevue/Interview Sherri Martel
29- Jacques Rougeau Jr vs Abdullah the Butcher (matchs & interviews)
30. Dino Bravo vs Great Samu (matchs & interviews)
31. Yvon Laverdure vs The “Original” Sheik
32. Entrevue/Interview Gilles Poisson, The Sheik & Eddy Creatchman
33. Toshiaki (Kawada) vs Pretty Boy Chuck Simms
34. Rick Martel vs Steve Strong (match & int. avec bouteille de bière/beer bottle)
35. Conclusion International Wrestling
36. Pierre-Carl Ouellet vs Kevin Steen vs El Generico (Sami Zayn)***
*Tous ces combats sont la propriété de la Société Radio-Canada et datent de 1956/All these matches are Societe Radio-Canada’s property and are from 1956
**Qualité moyenne, mais seul combat disponible à ce jour de Pat Patterson au Québec/Average quality, but only known available Pat Patterson’s match from Quebec)
***Ce combat est une gracieuseté de/This match is a courtesy of
Approx. 4 hrs.