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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: The Musical DVD

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Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: "Pro Wrestling Like No Other"

All the top wrestling stars from all over the country collide in the one promotion thatyou must be adequately prepared to rock!

This show features the famous 30 minute match between American Dragon and Samoa Joe in what some are calling a potential "Match of the Year" candidate.

  1. American Dragon vs. Samoa Joe
  2. Chris Bosh & Quicksilver vs. S.B.S. (Excalibur & Super Dragon)
  3. Lit & Deranged vs. Hardkore Kidd
  4. B-Boy vs. Christopher Daniels
  5. The Thomaselli Bro. vs. X-Foundation
  6. Disco Machine vs. Scorpio Sky
  7. Apolo Kahn vs. Ricky Reyes
  8. Top Gun Talwar & Charles Mercury vs. Human Tornado & Supa Badd

DVD Bonus Commentary
Commentary does not play in standard play. To hear the commentary, Select "Alternate Audio" on your DVD Player/Remote to hear commentary from Excaliber & Disco Machine.

DVD Easter Egg

  • Find the "banana" to reveal "Adam Pearce in Las Vegas"


  • Encoding: Region0 (All Regions - Region Free)