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Outsiders Shoot Interview DVD-R

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This is the one we've all been waiting for. You know who they are. Scott Hall. Kevin Nash. THE OUTSIDERS. The team that jump started the Monday Night Wars and the heart and soul of the NWO. Two of the biggest stars in wrestling history and their first ever shoot interview that covered all of their days in the Kliq along with the rise and fall of WCW from a first-person perspective. This is the must-have DVD of the year as all your burning questions finally get answered.
This will be the only DVD that will deliver all the Kliq road stories along with other exclusive backstage stories from their tenure in the WWF. This is the first ever shoot style interview Hall and Nash have done together and, as you can imagine, they play off each other with great charisma. You will be the fly on the wall watching two great friends goof on each other while discussing the business they are so passionate about. The locker room ribs. The heat between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Vince McMahon. Sean Waltman. All the big stories are covered.
Over the years we have heard differing stories on how the deal with WCW went down, but now is the first time both Hall and Nash were together to answer this question on what really happened behind closed doors and in the booking office. We also get the inside scoops on what Hall and Nash really thought about the following: Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg, the MTV Spring Break incident, who should and shouldn't have been in the NWO, Larry Zybsko, Vince Russo, and so much more. All the controversies. All the backstage politics. All the wild stories. All in one DVD!!
Don't be left out as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash deliver the shoot interview everyone will be talking about. Two of wrestling's greatest talkers give their thoughts on Jim Cornette's rants, Fake Diesel and Razor Ramon, their return to WWE, and even working through Scott Hall's personal-life battles. This is THE shoot DVD for any wrestling fan of the '90s and remembers when the word "attitude" wasn't just a buzz word. From meeting up in the early 1990's WCW as Vinnie Vegas and the Diamond Studd, to holding a lot of gold in the WWE during the New Generation in a very intriguing time of that company's history, to the historic jump that helped changed wrestling forever, this is the one DVD you won't want to miss!

What do you guys remember about meeting each other
How quickly did you become good friends
How frustrated were each of you with WCW in your early days
Can you talk about the pressures of being a top guy in the business
Scott, you called out Ric Flair on the last shoot interview for being untrustworthy for taking the WCW title with him to the WWE. Kevin, did you feel the same way
Do each of you think it is time for Flair to step aside
Did either of you ever pull any ribs on each other during matches against one another and if so what
To each of you, what made your matches against Shawn Michaels so good
Do you think Vince was responsible for a lot of the heat between Shawn and Bret
Any good Clique road trip stories
Thoughts on how Lex Luger turned out today as compared to when you worked with him
What do you guys remember about when the Ultimate Warrior came back
Each of you had different versions of how you made the deal to get into WCW. Can