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Orlando Jordon Shoot Interview DVD-R

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We sat down with Orlando Jordon for a special no-hold-barred interview. Nothing is off topic in this one!

Orlando Jordan is quite possibly one of the most unique individuals in wrestling today. Orlando grew up the youngest of 13 kids and did not speak his first words until he reached grade school. But when Orlando spoke with us he opened up maybe more than any other interviewee we have had in a while.
From his days as a successful amateur wrestler to his humble begins on the indy circuit. Orlando's life and career made the biggest improvement when he started training with his uncle, Rocky Johnson. Also, The Rock made a few appearances at some of those training sessions and Orlando tells us what it was like to go toe to toe with the Great One.
Ever since day one in the WWE you could tell that big things were planned for Orlando Jordan. From his debut match at Madison Square Garden with John Cena to his days has JBL's enforcer to his run with the US title. He wrestled the likes of the Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit. Orlando earned the respect of some of the most talented and respected men on the roster at that time including Vince McMahon himself.
And then one day, out of nowhere, it all came to a end. Rumors of underage lovers and conflicts with other wrestlers and employees over Orlando's open Bi-sexual lifestyle were spread across the internet. In this interview Orlando answers all questions and dispells internet rumors about his alternative lifestyle. You'll be shocked to hear his opinions on how he was treated as a open bi-sexual working for the WWE. This interview is an in depth look at a man who lives life on his terms and is talented enough to be successful in the world of professional wrestling.