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Old School with One Man Gang DVD-R

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On this edition of Old School joining Steve is One Man Gang. This conversation went 2 hours and could have went all night if they had the time. One Man Gang is full of great wrestling stories from growing up in the Mid-Atlantic area watching Jim Crockett Promotions, how his wrestling shirts on the clothesline got him broke into wrestling. Everything is discussed in this legends amazing career from beginning to end and to what the Gang is doing now. Find out how One Man Gang learned to drive, who his favorite promoter was, what he thought about being told he was now Akeem The African Dream and so much more. If your into learning something and hearing great stories you are in for a great time with Old School with One Man Gang.

Bonus Match:
- One Man Gang vs Sabu ECW Fancam 1/15/99 Trenton, NJ
Total Run Time 2 hours 30 minutes