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Old School with Jack Victory DVD-R

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On this edition of Old School, Steve Corino is joined by his mentor the one and only Jack Victory! These two haven't seen each other in 12 years but with this conversation you would never know it. Nothing is off limits in this look back at Jack's career from starting out on the Outlaw shows on the east coast to getting his break in the business working for Bill Watts Mid-South territory. Did you know Jack worked for the Secret Service? Well you will find out how he got the job and who gave it to him.

Also find out who fooled around with Dark Journey and why Dick Slater kicked Sting's ass and should it have been Jack. Hear all the behind the scenes stories of Jack finding shit in his boots and what happened to the Texas Title.

ECW they cover it all from beginning to end and what Jack Victory is doing these days. So sit back and go old school with Steve Corino and Jack Victory.

- Tommy Dreamer & Sandman vs. Steve Corino & Jack Victory (2/18/00), Lacrosse, WI