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Old School with Tommy Rich DVD-R

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Steve Corino Presents: Old School with Tommy Rich

A long time ago in Philadelphia a young Steve Corino turned on WTBS in hopes to catch a baseball game but instead "Wildfire" Tommy Rich appeared on screen cutting an impassioned interview about who he was going to face at the Omni that night. Young Steve Corino (who was unaware the that the Atlanta was 800 miles away) was so moved by Tommy Rich's words that he begged his parents to take him to the Omni that night. Steve may not have made it to the Omni that night but on that day he became a life long fan of Tommy Rich.

Fast forward to the late 90's Steve finally gets to met his boyhood hero in the ECW locker room as a peer. When the moment comes the star struck Steve Corino walks up to his childhood idol and sticks out his hand seeking his hero's approval. His hero, his champion "Wildfire" Tommy Rich looks at Steve's hand and then looks him in the eye and says, "I don't shake hands with faggots". Then walks away from the emotionally destroyed Steve Corino.

AND that pretty much sums up Tommy and Steve's relationship.

Luckily, these two can laugh about those days and put it behind them. Although, Tommy still does give Steve a hard time in good fun, at least we think it's all in good fun. Either way these two men have on screen chemistry with each other and who better to interview Tommy Rich than the ultimate Tommy Rich fan, Steve Corino. So sit back and enjoy has Tommy Rich goes Old School with Steve Corino.


  • Breaking in
  • Atlanta
  • NWA World Title
  • Back Home & Back Again
  • New Fabulous Ones
  • Lawler & Idol Feud
  • ECW
  • Being Fired

Bonus Match

  • Steve Corino w/ Tommy Rich vs. Simon Diamond - ECW Fan Cam - Columbus, GA (6/5/99)

Total Aprox. Running Time: 2 hrs and 5 mins