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Old School Rivals with Sheepherder Luke and Bobby Fulton DVD-R

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Old School Rivals with Sheepherder Luke & Bobby Fulton

Steve Corino has got his hands full with this one because he is stuck between crazy Bobby Fulton and Sheepherder Luke (who is already in his camo outfit on looking for a good fight). Luckily, things don't get too out of handle, but it is a struggle to keep these once fierce rivals on the task at hand.
These two men have such chemistry, they are able to fill in blanks for each other's history when it comes to the near spilt of the Memphis territory, the inner workings of the San Antonio territory and the disfunction of World Class Championship Wrestling. Also, Luke and Bobby discuss their ultra bloody feud and the physical toll it had on their bodies.
No barbed wire is used doing this interview, but it is a whirlwind from beginning to end. So, sit back and enjoy as these Old School Rivals go Old School with Steve Corino.

Approx. Running Time: 2 hrs