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NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest Q&A Series: Tully Blanchard DVD

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One of wrestling's all-time great bad guys, Tully Blanchard has done nearly all there is to do in professional wrestling.

In this intimate question-and-answer session, the second-generation wrestler from West Texas describes his early days in wrestling, learning from Wahoo McDaniel, and helping his father produce one of the first national wrestling shows on cable TV.

Tully was an original member of the "Four Horsemen" and he describes the great history surrounding that group -- the ups and the downs -- and eventually leaving the NWA for the WWF.

Why and how he left WWF, the personal turmoil, and his life after wrestling are all discussed in this rare and very candid Q&A, including being joined on stage by James J. Dillon and Baby Doll, and hosted by Gary Michael Cappetta.

Tully Blanchard, Ivan and Nikita Koloff, and George South are guest speakers at fanfest's Sunday morning worship service.