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Norman Smiley Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Norman Smiley reached new popularity in the United States as "Screaming" Norman for WCW. But he has been a superstar in Mexico as "Black Magic" long before. Smiley also competed in early shoot fight organizations like UWFi.

Norman Smiley sat down with to speak about his travels around the world. From his startings with the Malenko's in Florida, to Japan, and his big break in Mexico.

Smiley speaks about how the styles in the U.S. differ from his experiences in Japan and Mexico. While in Mexico, Smiley worked with a lot of American wrestlers including Vampiro, Art Barr, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit.

Smiley's success is Mexico did not carry over to the U.S. When Smiley looked for WCW or the WWF to call in 1995, it never happened. It wasn't until Konnan helped Smiley get hired by the WCW in 1997 that his luck would change again. After settling at mid-card level, the Russo era invented the "Screamin' Norman Smiley" gimmick that U.S. fans would finally take to and recognize.

Smiley speaks about the gimmick, and why he didn't like it. Norman also speaks of the "biggle wiggle," and why it had to be stopped. Who told him to stop? What were his feelings working with Ralphus?

Smiley speaks openly about being a minority in WCW. What was his relationship with other minorities in the company and did he feel his skin color held him back? His answers are very shocking.

Highspots is proud to present this in-depth shoot interview with a true international superstar, Norman Smiley.