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Mean Gene Oukerlund Shoot Interview DVD-R

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One of the true icons of wrestling, 2006 WWE Hall of Famer, Mean Gene Okerlund! Everybody knows Mean Gene and his distinctive voice as Okerlund has been a staple of pro wrestling for the last three decades. From the Minnesota based AWA, through WWF's national expansion, onto WCW during the peak of thier history, and back to the WWE, Mean Gene has seen everything there is to see in this business and he sat down with us to talk about it all.

Okerlund talked about his experiences with all the big names, including Verne Gagne, Hulk Hogan, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Vince McMahon, Andre the Giant, Eric Bischoff, and scores more. There's not a single personality in the industry Mean Gene hasn't spent time with! Mean Gene went through his legendary career that went all over the wrestling landscape. This exclusive shoot interview will provide Gene's uncensored thoughts on all the behind-the-scenes stories from the AWA, WWE, and WCW! Okerlund takes us through the ribs, the road stories, the best (and worst) at ring psychology and work rate, watching WWF explode, and working with Bobby Heenan among many other subjects. Gene is insiteful and a blast to listen to, making this shoot one DVD that all wrestling fans are going to want to add to their collection!

  • Were you a wrestling fan growing up
  • What is your broadcasting background pre-wrestling
  • How did you get into wrestling
  • Initial impressions ofVerne
  • What kind of lengths did they go to in order to kayfabe you early on
  • How long was it before they smartened you up
  • Did anyone rib you
  • What was the hardest thing to grasp about announcing the shows
  • Did anyone give you bullet points and if so who
  • Who did you work the closest with early on
  • Initial memories of meeting Hulk Hogan
  • How did your friendship grow with him early on
  • Who were some of the guys you were closest too
  • Did anyone ever give you the feeling "oh your not one of the boys" since you are an announcer
  • How soon into it did you realize you wanted to do this full time
  • Who gave you the name Mean