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When Wrestling Was on the Marquee Vol. 9 - Champions of the IWA - DVD

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When Wrestling Was on the Marquee

Volume 9 - Champions of the IWA
IWA Heavyweight Champion - Mil Mascaras
Mil Mascaras vs. Jose Rivervia
Mil Mascaras vs. Joe Turco
Mil Mascaras interview
Mil Mascaras vs. Cisco Crimaldo
Mil Mascaras vs. Buddy Porter
Mil Mascaras vs. Bob Garcia
Mil Mascaras vs. Frenchy Martin
Mil Mascaras & Luis Martinez interview
Mil Mascaras vs. Beautiful Bruce
IWA Tag Team Champions - The Mongols

The Mongols vs. Dr. Beach & Rujet Woods
The Mongols Interview
The Mongols vs. Jim Wilson & Mighty Igor
The Mongols vs. Tom Lexton & Rick Kelly
The Mongols interview
The Mongols vs. Terry Meeka & Gino Brito
The Mongols vs. Argentina Apollo & Luis Martinez
The Mongols vs. Dino Bravo & Victor Riveria
IWA North American Champion - Bulldog Brower

Bulldog Brower vs. Denny Alberts
Bulldog Brower & Ivan Koloff vs. The Islanders (Afa & Sika)
Bulldog Brower & Ivan Koloff vs. Tony Morris & Rick Kelly
Bulldog Brower vs. Sika
Bulldog Brower interview
Bulldog Brower vs. Argentina Apollo - Igor runs in
Bulldog Brower vs. Joe Richard
Bulldog Brower vs. Stairs Dumont
Mighty Igor w/ Ivan Kalmikoff Challenges Brower
Bulldog Brower vs. Mighty Igor
Bulldog Brower vs. El Lobo
Bulldog Brower vs. Wendel Burgess
Bulldog Brower vs. Eddie Dean - Pez runs in then Powers runs in
Brower interview
Bonus Matches

Rip Hawk, Lars Anderson & Eric the Red vs. Cowboy Bob Ellis, Tex McKenzie & Nelson Royal
Nelson Royal & Luis Martinez vs. Pierre & Michelle, The Martel Bros.
Eric the Red & The Love Brothers vs. Gino Brito, Argentina Apollo & Luis Martinez
Gino Brito vs. Kurt Von Hess
Eric the Red & The Love Brothers vs. Pez Whatley, Tex McKenzie & Nelson Royal
Aprox. Running Time: 3 hours