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Mark Lewin Shoot Interview DVD-R

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When most wrestling fans hear the name Mark Lewin, people instantly remember his time in Florida as the Purple Haze. While the Purple Haze was a very successful and memorable character, the character that is Mark Lewin had entertained wrestling fans across the world for decades long before the Purple Haze was risen out of the water by Kevin Sullivan.
Mark Lewin's career spanned almost the entire second half of the last century and Lewin's memory of his time in the wrestling business in 1950's and 1960's is remarkable. No other wrestler since Lewin has spoken so vividly about wrestling some of the all time greats in this sport in their prime. From the likes of Buddy Rogers, Antonino Rocca, King Curtis, Bobo Brazil, Danny McShane, and Dr. Jerry Graham.
Lewin even discusses his memories of BEATING Lou Thesz and wrestling the Original Sheik for an hour in Cobo Hall. Vince McMahon Sr. has even gone on the record to say, "Mark Lewin was the best babyface I ever had".
Not only was Lewin a sensation in the states but he has wrestled all over the world and has held titles on four different continents. In fact, on one of his visits to the far east he meet and fell in love with a Singaporean Princess who he later married. This interview isn't like any other interview out there simply because there isn't anyone like Mark Lewin. His story is an amazing tale and it is a history lesson that every true wrestling fan should learn.