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Los Gringos Locos Triple DVD-R

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They say it's hot south of the border, well it doesn't get much hotter than Los Gringos Locos! "Love Machine" Art Barr & Eddy Guerrero paired to form one of the best tag teams ever when it comes to heating up a crowd. Witness the epic Love Machine/Blue Panther feud including the huge Mask versus Mask and Mask versus Hair battles!

See Eddy Guerrero teaming with his family and other greats of lucha and then watch the two team together to battle all of lucha libre's greatest! Ending with the epic Masks vs. Hairs tag war!!!

Disc One

  1. Love Machine, Black Magic & Mascara Sagrada vs. Pierroth Jr., Blue Panther & Angel Blanco Jr.
  2. Love Machine, Octagon & Atlantis vs. Blue Panther, Satanico & Bestia Salvaje
  3. Love Machine vs. Blue Panther - MASK VS. MASK
  4. Art Barr, Lizmark & Lizmark Jr. vs. Blue Panther, La Parka & Angel Blanco Jr.
  5. Art Barr, Konnan & American Chippendale vs. Fishman, Rambo & Blue Panther
  6. Art Barr vs. Blue Panther - MASK VS.HAIR

Disc Two

  1. Eddy Guerrero & Mando Guerrero vs. Blue Demon Jr. & El Hijo Del Santo (JIP)
  2. Eddy Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero & Mando Guerrero vs. Cachorro Mendoza, Javier Cruz & Apolo Dantes
  3. Eddy Guerrero, Octagon & Mascara Sagrada vs. Jerry Estrada, Vulcano & Tony Arce
  4. Eddy Guerrero, Konnan & El Hijo Del Santo vs. Los Hermanos Dinamita
  5. Eddy Guerrero, Lizmark & Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis, Heavy Metal & La Parka

Disc Three

  1. "Love Machine" Art Barr, Eddie Guerrero & El Hijo Del Santo vs. Blue Panther, Fishman & Fuerza Guerrera
  2. "Love Machine" Art Barr, Eddie Guerrero & Blue Panther vs. Hijo del Santo, Tiger Mask III (Kanemoto) & Lizmark
  3. "Love Machine" Art Barr, Eddie Guerrero & Chicano Power vs. Los Payasos
  4. "Love Machine" Art Barr, Eddie Guerrero & Konnan vs. Cien Caras, Universo 2000 & Mascara Ano 2000
  5. "Love Machine" Art Barr & Eddie Guerrero vs. El Hijo Del Santo & Octagon - MASK VS. HAIR