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Legends of Extreme Season 2 - 5 Disc Set

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One of the most controversial and popular professional wrestling organizations of all time, ECW continues to captivate and fascinate the hardcore fan base that empowered its extreme revolution. Sifting through the mayhem and the myths the promotion left behind in its path of destruction, the second season of Legends of Extreme transports viewers behind the scenes, from the ring to the road to the locker room and beyond, exploring the legacy, myths and history of a truly phenomenal time period.

Produced and hosted by ECW historian Mike Johnson, join The Sandman, Francine, CW Anderson, Roadkill, Pitbull Gary Wolf, Danny Doring, The Blue Meanie, JT Smith, Little Guido Maritato, Joel Gertner and New Jack for some of the most insane and insightful discussions ever recorded on the ECW experience.

Disc 1

Women of ECW
Shane Douglas & Francine vs. Tommy Dreamer & Beulah
Brian Lee vs Bubba Ray Dudley

Disc 2

Paul Heyman Volume 3
Paul Heyman knocks out Cyrus
ECW 95
Terry Funk vs Cactus Jack

Disc 3

Road Stories Volume 1
New Jack with Fans
ECW Locker Room
Danny Doring & Roadkill vs. C.W. Anderson & Bill Wiles

Disc 4

Babies & Brawlers
Pitbulls vs Public Enemy
Dudleys flaming table Spike

Disc 5

Road Stories Volume 2
Chris Chetti vs. Dan Morrison
Paul Heyman Volume 4
Heyman/Cyrus confrontation