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Jerry Lawler Shoot Interview DVD

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This interview was conducted in January of 2001 in Newark, NJ. The King of Professonal Wrestling has done it all and more in the business. Jerry talks extensively about his early days in Memphis, when he got started in the business with the help of Jackie Fargo. Learn how Lawler got his first break with his unique skill that had nothing to do with wrestling.

Listen to how much actual training Jerry had before entering the ring and why he could never tell Fargo about his first bouts. Jerry then relives the days of the Memphis territory, with his push against the top wrestlers from around the world. Find out about behind the scenes dealings with Jerry Jarrett and all of the pressures of running a company and still being a performer. This is a great interview if you would like to find out about all the up and downs of the business, including all of the duties, demands and dedication to becoming a successful character and business person.

Also contains interesting and entertaining stories about the Andy Kaufman feud, Jimmy Valiant, Hulk Hogan, Bill Dundee, Randy Savage, Rick Rude, Paul E., Eddie Gilbert, his real life son Brian Christopher (Grandmaster Sexay), and many, many others as Memphis was the gateway territory of the wrestling business. Jerry also talked about his role in the WWF, his working with Jim Ross, and why and how he worked with the WWF after all of the competition they had during the 80s.

Lawler and his Memphis promotion survived longer than any other territory and youll learn why right here on this shoot interview..