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Konnan Shoot Interview DVD-R

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This interview was conducted with a true pioneer and legend of Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling. Konnan was the one man responsible for the revolutionary change of Lucha Libre as we know it now in Mexico. Konnan was instrumental along with Antonio Pena to the creation & success of AAA Mexico, which in turn changed the face of pro wrestling throughout the world.
Listen to fascinating stories about his days in Mexico from all of the AAA days when he was the biggest star in Mexico. From wrestling to booking he has done it all and he doesn't hold back at all on this interview. Find his views on Pena, and what led to the falling out. Also find out his views on other powerful people in the Mexican Wresting scene such as Paco Alonso, Perro Aguayo, Mil Mascaras and others.
Hear how Konnan started his own promotion, Promo Azteca, and his view on his fellow wrestlers Rey Misterio Jr., Psicosis, Juvi, Damian, Halloween & many others. Hear about the well known heat between him & Vampiro, and does it still exist?
Konnan also elaborates on his days in ECW with Rey & Psycho and his short-lived in ring feud with The Sandman. Konnan also addresses the talked about problems with himself & Paul E, which he believes are non-existent.
Konnan then shoots about his current working status in WCW. He address all the problems, from the locker room to the front office, including Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Vince Russo. Does he believe he is treated well there? Does he believe his fellow Luchadors are treated as well as they should be? Get the shoot and find out!
From Kevin Nash to Kevin Sullivan, from Jake Roberts to Negro Casas, this shoot which was conducted from his home in San Diego, is unique and entertaining in it's own way.
This interview was not conducted by Highspots.