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Kimona Shoot Interview DVD-R

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This sultry diva walked into ECW as an unknown and quickly gained attention as a member of Ravens flock before joining forces with Tommy Dreamer and Beulah McGillicutty. After ECW she was a member of Kevin Sullivans Varsity Club in WCW. She visited our offices to give all the dirt on ECW, WCW and what it is like to be a woman in the wrestling business in this exclusive shoot.

-How she got into ECW
-What role did Raven play in her coming to ECW?
-Did she like wrestling before ECW?
-What was Paul Heyman like?
-She reveals what her relationship was like with Francine & Beulah backstage.
-How did the ECW wrestlers treat her?
-Get all the details on the lesbian kiss angle with Beulah.
-The inside scoop on when she danced on top of the ECW Arena.
-Why did she do it and who told her to?
-Find out if she thought it went too far.
-She gives the reasons on why she left ECW.
-Did she have any regrets in ECW?
-Her relationship with Terry Taylor.
-What was Vince Russo like with her?
-Was there ever a chance she would go to WWF?
-She tells how she got her WCW job.
-Describes working with Kevin Sullivan and the Varsity Club.
-Did she have a problem jumping on the trampoline as part of the gimmick?
-Who from the Varsity Club didnt want her in the group?
-Talks about working with and her relationship with the Jung Dragons.
-She goes into detail about her relationship with the Nitro Girls.
-Kimona takes us into the WCW locker room and describes all the turmoil there.
-Her training at the Power Plant with Medusa.
-How did WCW and Johnny Ace fire her?
-Her future in the business.