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Ken Shamrock Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Attention shootfight fans!!! This is a must have for all NHB fans as Ken Shamrock opens up with an entertaining, informative and honest look at the world of shootfighting. No RF Video shoot has ever covered this material before and we couldnt have a better source than Shamrock to reveal all the inside info. Even if you arent a NHB fan, this shoot is a must for Shamrocks pro wrestling stories including his time in WWF. Here is what Shamrock talked about:

-Life before wrestling including his athletic background.
-Growing up on the streets
-How he went from fighting underground to more mainstream
-How he got started in wrestling.
-Early days in the Mid-Atlantic region.
-Who trained him and who did he learn the most from?
-Shoot fight with the Nasty Boys and what exactly happened.
-How he got started in shootfighting.
-Working for UWF in Japan.
-How was it different than wrestling?
-Did he like it?
-Talks about touring for All Japan. -How he started to work more than shoot leagues.
-Drifting away from pro wrestling.
-Talks about Pancrase.
-The growth of Pancrase.
-The details of working for UFC.
-The rise of UFC.
-Why UFCs popularity diminished.
-Fighting Dan Severn, Kimo, & Tank Abbott in UFC?
-Problems with UFC rules
-Does he like to compete in Japan?
-Training with Ricky Steamboat
-Landing a job in WWF.
-Did he like WWFs style?
-Why he went to WWF.
-Did it hurt his NHB career?
-His first match in the WWF against Vader and what Bret Hart told him afterwards
-Why he didnt like working with Mick Foley. -Opinion of the power of the clique
-Memories of The Rock and their feud
-Thoughts on Bret Hart
-Memories of what happened at Survivors Series in Montreal
-What happened backstage?
-Thoughts on Owen Harts death
-Ribs played in WWF
-Problem with Mr. Hughes
-Why he never entered the Brawl for All
-His thoughts on the Ken Shamrock character in WWF.
-Opinion on why Dan Severn failed in the WWF?
-How he got the WWF locker room to trust him?
-Opinion on all the top stars of WWF.
-Why he left WWF.
-His feelings towards Vince McMahon.
-Story from when he saw the Nasty Boys in an airport.
-Why he is the only shootfighter that was successful in wrestling
-Life after WWF.
-Going back to shootfighting.
-His match with Don Frye at Pride 19
-He goes into detail on the Lions Den.
-His views on shootfighting now.
-Who he thinks is tough and talented in UFC and NHB.
-Views on the Gracie family.
-What does he think of Sakuraba.