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You Shoot - Sean Waltman DVD-R

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Yeah, we'd heard Waltman was a big fan of the YouShoot series.  We knew he wanted on!  So you knew he would bring it, and man, does he ever!

We can't stress enough, that these are the recollections and opinions of Waltman and not necessarily KC!  We don't know whether Jenna or Cyna had more... ehh... skills.

There's no stone unturned!  It's part comedy, part therapy... ALL shoot!  Get ready for one of the most memorable editions of wrestling's #1 shoot interview series... the one... the only... YouShoot!

  • Jenna Jameson
  • Right-hooking dick
  • Ryan Shamrock
  • suicide
  • Mexico
  • Chyna
  • steroids
  • Sunny and Shawn
  • What-a-Dick