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You Shoot - Balls Mahoney DVD-R

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You'd never know it by looking, but Balls Mahoney is a true blue Renaissance Man!  This ECW legend, culinary aficionado, and well-read chap is here to take the YouShoot oath and answer everything and anything you have for him.

Balls sets the record straight on many of the most pressing issues of the day... like vomiting on fans, New Jack, and his teeth.  Balls is honest and straight-up with your wild and crazy questions.

Balls plays the classic YouShoot games like "What's in the Bag," "The Ho Bag," "What's in my Mouth," and even takes a trip to the other side with a Ouija board.

It's all the uncensored fun and games uptight wrestling fans think you shouldn't be having!  Only on the one and only... YOUSHOOT!