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Timeline of WWE 2006 Blue - Dave Finlay DVD-R

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Timeline The History of WWE 2006 Blue as told by Dave Finlay

During this era of the brand split, we began seeing promos shot at an Irish castle, featuring an intriguing figure.  This guy would debut in January, get some gold around his waist, and work the "Smackdown" brand in the WWE.

Dave Finlay is that guy, and he's our guide back to the year 2006 in the world's biggest federation.  Finlay would also agent for the WWE, as well as train, so he's got a very unique perspective of life in the federation, both on camera and off.  Come back with us just a few years, and see life from inside the BLUE side of the WWE.

  • Finlays's teaser promos
  • Heidenreich
  • the "Little Bastard"
  • Batista vs. Booker
  • locker room video games
  • incorporating ECW
  • RAW vs. SD
  • return to "Saturday Night"
  • Bret and the HOF
  • MORE!!!