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Timeline History of WWE - 1988 Hacksaw Duggan DVD-R

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Timeline of WWE 1998 as told by Hacksaw Duggan

The 80s are winding down, business has seen its amazing peak and the arenas are still full. The world's biggest federation is front and center in the spotlight, fighting to keep its growing market share.

But Ted Turner has purchased WCW. The fallout of Duggan and Sheik's arrest is still in the news. Wrestlers aren't getting along. It's big time, it's 1988!

Summerslam... Wrestlemania... Ventura... Adonis dies... Duggan/Sheik arrest... the locker room... Rougeaus and Bulldogs... road life with Jake the Snake... Turner gets in the ring... Von Raschke... Vachon... Survivor Series... Saturday Night's Main Event... More, more, more!!!

Approx Runtime: 120-minutes