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Timeline of WCW 1997 - Kevin Nash Double DVD

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With the nWo in full swing, there seemed no way that WCW could lose the momentum they'd built. Huge stars appeared on TV weekly as Nash, Hall, Syxx, Hogan, Savage, Flair, Bret and Sting were red hot and would drive ratings high. Starrcade would deliver WCW's highest buyrate in 1997 as well.

Now head inside that operation with one of the engineers of the nWo, Kevin Nash. Join Kev for this 3+ hour journey into WCW and hear about putting all the pieces together and playing the game of wrestling politics to perfection.

Nash is open and honest as usual and holds no opinion close to the vest. It all goes on the table and if you ever wondered what was going on inside the company during the glory days of the nWo... wonder no more!!! From the contracts to the characters... it's all here in this edition of Timeline: The History of WCW!

  • Wisdom of Hall 
  • Working creative 
  • Friction with Sullivan 
  • Favored nations contracts 
  • Flair's return 
  • Sting's return