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Timeline of WWF - The History of WWE 1986 by George Steel DVD-R

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The first Wrestlemania is history and business is booming!  Wrestlers are making top dollar, traveling all over the world, seeing dolls in the image, and some can even quit teaching and wrestle full time!  Especially if they were in one of the WWE's hottest angles with Macho Man Randy Savage and Elizabeth.

And such is the case with George The Animal Steele.  The man behind that scary and lovable character takes you back to 1986 and examines all the major happenings in wrestling's biggest federation.

Saturday Night's Main Event skits, a jealous Savage, JYD, Adonis, turning babyface, Albano, The McMahons, Steele's students, Wrestlemania 2, The Funks, King Harley Race, The Wrestling Album, the dangers of TV, and more!!
Runtime 2:15