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Supercard - SummerSlam 88 with The Honky Tonk Man DVD-R

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Re-experiencing wrestling's greatest nights!

The Honky Tonk Man re-experiences SummerSlam '88

After a remarkable run of 454 days as a heel champion, The Honky Tonk Man would help user in a new era of champion in WWE history by losing to The Ultimate Warrior. The match was 27-seconds. But Lord, the road to that decision was nowhere near as short. Political wranglings with McMahon and Savage would cause this swift end to a historic reign.

It may have been The Ultimate Warrior in the ring that night at the inaugural SummerSlam but Honky's real opponents were, in actuality, all outside of the ring.

Was it Savage? Jake Roberts? Beefcake? Warrior? Just what was the driving angle that led up to SummerSlam? We will iron it all out here.

Head back to NYC for the first SummerSlam and the fascinating and heartbreaking journey that got HTM there!

Runtime: 2-hours