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Guest Booker Vince Russo - Re-Booking the WCW Invasion

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It's notable tha tthe man whose booking was in part responsible for one of the biggest boom periods in wrestling had nothing to do with wrestling's most hotly anticipated angles. Vince Russo was already gone when the WWE completed its purchase of WCW and planned to integrate the talent and history of the WCW and NWA. Many feel WWE dropped the ball on this opportunity. What would Russo have done?

The most controversial figure in pro wrestling in the last 15 years was not know for being in the ring or on camera. Russo was a writer and his decisions spared passionate debate, wild ratings points, and hatred. Well now, we profile the creative mind of the most polarizing off-camera wrestling figure ever, and we have him brin ghis quique philogophies and technicques to the WCW Invasion angle. Love him, hate him... if you were running a federation, chances are you'd want him! For the first time, watch Vince Russon weave angles over the weeks and months after the WCW purchase. This is a very important edition of Guest Booker.