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Guest Booker - Glenn Gilbertti DVD-R

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The Out of this World Ideas with Glenn Gilbertti

After giving life to the Disco Inferno character, Glenn Gilbertti became a part of the crative teams in first WCW, then TNA, under Vince Russo's direction.  Legend has been made over some of the suggestions Giblertti came up with.  But as with legend, one must do some prying to separate face from fiction.  Just how much of what is attributed to Gilbertti is true?

In the spirit of Guest Booker, we bring to fruition some of these booking ideas of lore... The Invisible Man, Bill Ding the evil architect, and the Martian Invasion.  If you're hearing this all for the first time, your eyes are fine.

Go inside those real life booking meetings and hear about Gilbertti and Russo heartily enjoying advancing these proposed angles, to the disgust and great annoyance of Terry Taylor and others.  It's all consistant with Disco's booking philosophy of trying things that have never been done, no matter how ridiculous it may seem!

So come on down to the booking offices at WCW and see what happens when half the roster sprouts antennae and are revealed to be Martians...