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Breaking Kayfabe - Scott Levy DVD-R

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Scott Levy, or Raven as he's known by fans, is credited with having a great "wrestling mind." Just so happens that mind garnered an IQ of 143 and landed Levy in Mensa. But as with great gifts, often comes great stories of struggle and pain.

Let Sean lead the way into that mind and the life of Levy. A life that left a young Levy starved for attention by a cold, affectionless father who also lived a life in the public eye as the managing editor of the National Enquirer. Learn from the inside how the world's most infamous paper operated in its heyday, and the toll it took on family.

So get ready to spend more than 90 minutes with a guy who happens to have as many personality disorder diagnoses as brilliance. Part therapy, part interview... all shoot! It's the series that reminds us "they're people."