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Vince Russo Attitude - Terri Runnels DVD-R

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Who better to team up for a controversial stroll into pro wrestling TV production than a daring writer, an androgynous, flambouyant
statuette come to life, and his cigar chomping glamour queen?

Back in the vaunted Attitude Era, Vince Russo paired with Dustin Runnels and his then-wife Terri to create an onscreen sensation that the wrestling 
world, and angry advertisers, couldn't ignore!  Now, in this edition of Vince Russo's Attitude, Terri Runnels site with Vince to explore everything 
that made the angle unforgettable!

Head bck to the unpredictable, unforgettable days of pro wrestling in this episode of Vince Russo's Attitude!

Running Time: 1:45