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Vince Russo Attitude - Ken Shamrock DVD-R

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Kayfabe Commemtaries presents their newest series... Vince Russo's Attitude!

What happens when the head writer of the Attitude era sits down with the stars he wrote for and together they examine the angles that riveted all wrestling fans in the late 90s?  You get to relive the era that had us gluded to Monday Night TV, and who better a tour guide than the man behind the magic, Vince Russo?!

Tonight, Vince is joined by Ken Shamrock... the original Rock, as you'll hear all about... This legit, MMA badass talks about the secret recipes that made him shine, and also the line in the sand when he wouldn't perform tasteless angles.  Hear Vince and Ken review all those decisions and how Ken ultimately got out of his contract with a little "leverage."

Get ready for Vince Russo's Attitude, with the World's Most Dangerous Man!

Running Time: 1:35