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Chris Kanyon Shoot Interview DVD-R

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One of the most controversial professional wrestlers over the last decade has been Chris Kanyon. As one of the most recognized utility players in WCW, Kanyon is remembered as having some of the hottest matches during WCW's hottest period. Kanyon has also made headlines as of late as being one of the first openly gay wrestlers. Kanyon reveals a lot more than his sexuality in this explosive three and a half hour shot interview.

Kanyon is one of the last true road warriors in pro wrestling. Kanyon's road to success was a long, trying journey to the top. Kanyon spent years honing his craft on the east coast independent scene. Kanyon goes into great detail on what he did to make himself stand out from the rest of the independent wrestlers. Kanyon also recalls the friendships he made on the indys which would impact his career years later.

Kanyon takes us through his long road to the top recalling memories about Smokey Mountain Wrestling, ECW, and Memphis. Kanyon also recounts his days as a WWE enhancement talent. Kanyon reveals how he was able to make the leap from WWE enhancement talent to WCW.

Kanyon's rise in WCW was far from easy. Kanyon learned early about the political game in WCW. Did Kanyon's relationship with DDP help or hurt him? Learn about his first serious negotiation with Eric Bischoff. What are his thoughts on Bischoff? As the celebrity trainer, Kanyon worked with everyone from Dennis Rodman to Jay Leno. Which celebrity took it seriously and which one was threatened by Hulk Hogan to do it the hard way or the easy way?

Kanyon also breaks down several of his most memorable gimmicks in WCW. Hear about the pitfalls of his run as Mortis. Hear about Kanyon's gimmick with Raven and what kind of heat Raven got him. Hear about Kanyon's run in the Jersey Triad and what it was like working with some of WCW's biggest stars. Was Champagne Kanyon really Champagne Kanyone outside of the ring? Which veterans intimidated Kanyon, and which upset him? You will hear about it all in this shoot.

Kanyon is one of the few WCW wrestlers picked up by the WWE. Kanyon goes indepth on the transition and the reaction from the locker room. Which politics we