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Jimmy Garvin Shoot Interview DVD-R

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"Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin was always a main player everywhere he went. From innovating the use of valets in wrestling to feuding with all the top players in AWA, NWA and World Class, you'll hear Garvin talk about it all in this Shoot Interview. Garvin is open in talking about the start of his career all the way to his retirement. This Shoot is not just a must for Jimmy Garvin fans, but it has lots of inside information on all the famous promotion's he worked for and all the big names he worked with. Hey, this Shoot Interview is worth it just to see what Garvin looks like now!!!Topics include:

-Getting into the wrestling business
-Working for Nick Gulas in Tennessee
-Working for Jerry Jarrett in Memphis
-Working Florida in the early 80's
-Thoughts on Eddie Graham
-Why he left Florida
-Going to World Class
-Being paired with Sunshine
-Making Precious his valet
-Memories of his series of matches against Kevin Von Erich
-Feuding with Chris Adams
-Similarities & differences between the Von Erich brothers
-Thoughts on Fritz Von Erich
-Favorite matches in World Class
-Why he left World Class
-Thoughts on the tragedy that surrounded the Von Erich family
-Going to AWA
-Wrestling Rick Martel
-Teaming with Steve Regal to win the AWA Tag Titles from The Road Warriors
-Thoughts on Verne Gagne
-Why he left AWA
-Did Vince McMahon have any interest in him when he raided all of Verne's talent
-Favorite matches and angles in AWA
-Going to the NWA
-Initial impressions of the NWA locker room
-Did Crockett make him any promises
-Feuding with Wahoo McDaniel & their strap match series from Bash '86
-Thoughts on the angles with Magnum TA prior to his accident & where the program was headed
-How Jimmy found out about Magnum's accident
-How it effected morale in the locker room
-Thoughts on being turned babyface
-Memories of the series of matches against The Midnight Express
-Memories of the angles with Precious to set up the feud with Ric Flair
-Talks about the series of matches with Flair including the cage match at Bash 87
-Was there ever any talk of putting the belt on him
-Being paired with Michael Hayes in late '87
-Memories of the angles setting up the feud with Kevin Sullivan & The Varsity Club
-Memories of the Prince of Darkness match at Crockett Cup 88
-Talks about the Tower of Doom match at Bash '88
-Why he disappeared from the NWA shortly after the Sullivan feud
-Thoughts when he found out Turner bought the NWA from Crockett
-What could Crockett have done better to compete with Vince
-Returning as a member of The Freebirds at the Clash of the Champions
-Memories of Terry Gordy
-Memories of the War Games at the Bash 89
-Talks about doing commentary with Lance Russell?
-Feuding with The Steiners
-Thoughts when he found out The Freebirds were left out of the Iron Team Tag Tournament at Starrcade '89
-Memories of the series of matches against Tom Zenk & Brian Pillman for the U.S. Tag Titles
-Memories of the fued with The Rock N Roll Express
-Talks about Ric Flair as a booker
-Thoughts on Jim Herd & Kip Frey
-Was he surprised when WCW brought Bill Watts