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Jim Cornette Shoot Interview (2003) DVD-R

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-How he got started in OVW
-What is a typical week like for him in OVW
-What goes on behind the scenes in OVW
-Advantages to being a WWE developmental territory
-Talks about Wade Keller and his reporting that WWE was cutting ties with OVW
-Does he get any type of direction from WWE on what to do
-What information does WWE require from them concerning wrestlers under developmental
-Early impressions of Brock Lesnar
-How did Brock change during his time in OVW
-What the wrestlers go thru in OVW to make it
-Talks about some of the OVW wrestlers who made it to WWE (Bashams, Shelton Benjamin, Rob Conway)
-Thoughts on Tough Enough
-Talks about the Tough Enough wrestlers who ended up sent to OVW
-Why he would never allow cameras to film the OVW school or anything behind the scenes
-Thoughts on exposing the business
-Opinion on fans thinking they know so much
-Talks about the OVW tryout camp
-What they teach in OVW
-Thoughts on Ian Rotten
-Thoughts on hardcore wrestling
-Talks about Ed Ferrera and their backstage incident (what happened that day and what led up to it)
-Talks about talent he think Vince Russo ruined while in WWE
-How to be a good booker & how to write for wrestling
-Why he doesn't put himself in angles
-Talks about the art of tag team wrestling and the necessary formula to put together a good match
-Advice for wrestlers wanting to go to WWE & what they look for
-Thoughts on wrestling schools
-Reaction when he heard Vince bought WCW
-Why the invasion angle didn't work
-Thoughts on there only being one promotion
-What advice he would give to somebody wanting to start a promotion
-Talks about WWE guys coming to work in OVW
-What happened with Bobby Eaton when he was a trainer at OVW and why it didn't work
-Talks about the comments he made about Spanky before WWE signed him
-Thoughts on whether or not WWE takes guys from OVW before they're ready
-Talks about WWE putting Doug Basham & Damaja together as brothers on TV while they were the top feud in OVW & discusses WWE pulling other guys while in the middle of programs
-Talks about his favorite angles in OVW
-Thoughts on: Shelton Benjamin, Nathan Jones, Mark Henry, Rand