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IWA Mid-South - King Of The Death Match 2004 DVD-R Set

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4 Disc Set

IWA Mid-South "2004 King of the Death Matches: The Last Bloody Stand" - June 25 & 26, 2004 - Oolitic, IN

IWA presented their final death match tournament and they went all out. The tournament featured all the violence, weapons and bloodshed youve come to expect from the KOTDM including what many have called the best death match ever in Necro Butcher vs Mr. Insanity. Too many insane moves to list here throughout the tournament, but death match fans will not be disappointed. Also on the show were several incredible non tournament matches including Matt Sydal vs Delirious, Hero vs Cannon and the absolutely incredible tag team match of Hero & Homicide vs Ray Gordy & BJ Whitmer which are must sees for fans of great wrestling. These 2 nights of action feature something for everyone. Just great action from everyone involved on the 2 nights. This 4 dvd set was filmed by SMV with 3 cameras, features commentary by Dave Prazak, CM Punk, Nate Webb & others, and features tons of replays of the violence and tons of backstage interviews. As a bonus, we have included a classic death match held under lumberjack light tube rules (where the wrestlers surround the ring armed with light tubes and if anyone exits the ring...well they get pummeled with glass) as it is Corporal Robinson taking on Necro Butcher in one of Necros very early IWA appearances.

Night 1:
1. Matt Sydal & Delirious vs BJ Whitmer & Danny Daniels
2. CM Punk vs Ray Gordy
3. Chris Hero vs "The Anarchist" Arik Cannon
4. Homicide vs Low Life Louie - Barbed Wire Boards
5. Ryan Boz vs Smokey C. - Barbed Wire Boards
6. Manslaughter vs Trik Davis - Thumbtack Match
7. Tank vs Deranged - 4 Corners of Pain
8. Ian Rotten vs "Spyder" Nate Webb - Fans Bring the Weapons
9. Dysfunction vs Corporal Robinson - 2 out of 3 Log Cabins of Glass Match
10. JC Bailey vs Mad Man Pondo - Fans Bring the Weapons
11. Necro Butcher vs "Mr. Insanity" Toby Klein - Fans Bring the Weapons (must see match)

Night 2:
1. MsChif vs Mickie Knuckles vs Daizee Haze
2. Matt Sydal vs Delirious
3. Homicide & Chris Hero vs Ray Gordy & BJ Whitmer
4. Ryan Boz vs Low Life Louie - Staple Gun Match
5. Ian Rotten vs Corporal Robinson - Barbed Wire Ropes, Lighttubes & Pool of Rubbing Alcohol Match
6. Tank vs Deranged - Barbed Wire Ropes, Fans Bring the Weapons Match
7. JC Bailey vs Mr. Insanity - Electrified Lighttubes Match
8. Corporal Robinson vs Low Life Louie - Fans Bring the Weapons Match
9. Tank vs Mr. Insanity - Fans Bring the Weapons Match
10. Corporal Robinson vs Mr. Insanity Toby Klein - House of Pain Glass Death Match featuring over 200 lighttubes surrounding the ring and a monstrous log cabin which had over 80 lighttubes in it. Insane!!
DVD Bonus Match: Necro Butcher vs Corporal Robinson - Lumberjack Light Tube Match