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IWA Mid-South 10 Disc Set - Best of 2006 Volume 6 DVD-R

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IWA Mid South 2006 Volume 6
IWA Mid-South DVD Nov. 3, 2006 "Queen Of The Death Matches" - Plainfield, IN  (2 discs)
This event features the first ever womens death match tournament held in the United States.
1. Unlucky 13 Staple Gun Death Match - Ann Thraxx vs. Mickie Knuckles
2. Thumbtack Death Match - Vanessa Kraven vs. Rachael Putski
3. 4 Corners Of Pain - Amy Lee vs. SeXXXy Eddy
4. Barbed Wire Madness - Sumie Sakai vs. Mayumi Ozaki
5. Taipei Death Match - Mickie Knuckles vs. Rachael Putski
6. 2 out of 3 Log Cabin Lighttubes - SeXXXy Eddy vs. Mayumi Ozaki
7. No Rope Barbed Wire, Electrified Lighttubes, Fans Bring The Weapons Steel Cage Match - Mickie Knuckles vs. Mayumi Ozaki
IWA Mid-South DVD Nov. 4, 2006 "Double Death Tag Team Tournament" - Plainfield, IN (2 Discs)
This show features the first ever in the U.S. tag team death match tournament. In order to win the match, you had to eliminate both members of the opposing team. All the death match stars are here on this one and with tag matches its twice as crazy as your normal death match tournaments. You?ll see lots of craziness as you would expect on this show including someone being set on fire which is one of the craziest things I have ever seen. If youre a fan of the death match tournaments then this dvd is for you. Taped by SMV with 3 cameras and features commentary, replays of the violence and backstage interviews after the matches.
1. Sexxxy Eddy & Jagged vs. Mitch Ryder & Chuck Taylor
2. Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Lighttubes Steel Cage Match - Drake Younger & Ian Rotten vs. Diehard Dustin Lee & Vortekz
3. Barbed Wire Boards & Bar Room Brawl - Necro Butcher & Toby Klein vs. Hugh Rogue & Chuey Martinez
4. Taipei Death & Shit That Hurts When You Get It In Your Cuts Match - Insane Lane & Freakshow vs. Dysfunction & Corporal Robinson
5. Electrified Lighttubes - Mad Man Pondo & 2 Tuff Tony vs. Jacob Ladder & Darin Childs
6. Fans Bring The Weapons - Drake Younger & Ian Rotten vs. Necro Butcher & Toby Klein
7. Fans Bring The Weapons - Mad Man Pondo & 2 Tuff Tony vs. Dysfunction & Corporal Robinson
8. No Rope Barbed Wire, Caribbean Spider Web Death Match - 2 Tuff Tony & Mad Man Pondo vs. Necro Butcher & Toby Klein
IWA Mid-South DVD Nov. 24, 2006 "2006 Revolution Strong Style Tournament" - Midlothian, IL (2 discs)
1. Josh Abercrombie vs. Jack Thriller
2. CJ Otis vs. Drake Younger
3. Necro Butcher vs. Dysfunction
4. Eddie Kingston vs. Tarek The Great
5. Brandon Thomaselli vs. Corporal Robinson
6. Iron Saints vs. Mickie Knuckles & Ian Rotten
7. Drake Younger vs. Necro Butcher
8. Eddie Kingston vs. Corporal Robinson
9. Chuck Taylor vs. Jay Lethal
10. Eddie Kingston vs. Drake Younger
IWA Mid-South DVD Dec. 15, 2006 "Christmas Carnage 2006" - Rock Island, IL  (2 discs)
1. Hydra vs. Worker Ant
2. Mickie Knuckles vs. Mercedes Martinez
3. Jaysin Strife vs. Jack Thriller vs. Billy Roc
4. Drake Younger & CJ Otis vs. The North Star Express
5. B-Boy vs. Ricochet
6. Claudio Castagnol