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Hitting the Highspots - Jason Cade DVD-R

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Hitting the Highspots with Jason Cade

Rob Naylor sits with one of the fastest rising high flyers in professional wrestling today, Jason Cade, in this edition of "Hitting the Highspots". This interview covers a lot of ground and because of the friendship between the two, the time flies by.

Jason talks about his first time ever in a ring and training in the WWE's FCW beginners program. Also, he talks about WXW and being under the guidance of Afa the Wild Samoan. 

There is a ton of talk about the people who Jason has met on his path that have helped him get to where is now. All of the big matches from the last year that Jason was involved in from the 10-man tag at WrestleCon to his one on one match with Ricochet. 

Cade is a high flyer in the ring, but he also is "Hitting the Highspots" with Rob Naylor.

TRT: 1 hour 28 minutes

Bonus Matches

  • Jason Cade vs Ricochet - Wrestling Revolver - "Tales from the Ring"
  • WrestleCon 10-man tag match - WrestleCon SuperShow 2017