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Hermie Sadler Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Why would interview a NASCAR Driver? Why would we interview Hermie Sadler? Well Hermie is not just your typical NASCAR driver, Hermie has deep roots in the professional wrestling world.

If you in the southeast you know racing and wrestling are the two biggest sports in the region. So we sat down with Hermie to talk not racing, but RASSLIN. From his early days growing up in the Mid-Atlantic area and his father taking him to the shows, Hermie has always loved pro wrestling. After having Wahoo McDaniel at his car dealership to promote a show, Hermie has been hooked ever since. From a relationship with the Hebners and so many others throughout the years, Hermie has been involved with wrestling somehow or another. From The Rock to Jeff Jarrett, Hermie has rubbed elbows with all of wrestling's top stars.

Speaking of The Rock, who was a spokesperson for Hermie's car dealerships, there is a good part of the interview given to the relationship between the two. You want to hear the full story of how the relationship went from good friends to a strained relationship through business.

Hermie was also a wrestling promoter with his UWF/TNA promotion which was hugely successful in the southeast. Hermie was the first to put on TNA house shows all over and make money while doing it. Hermie talks openly about his relationships and business dealing with all of his friends in wrestling from Dixie Carter, The Hardys, Jeff Jarrett and many more.

TRT: 125-minutes