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Dave & Earl Hebner Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Dave and Earl Hebner's very first shoot interview ever! If you want to hear about some shocking inside scoops on the real deal about Survivor Series with the Bret Hart screw job this is for you. For the first time ever Earl and Dave talk about what they knew. What lead up to the decision. What happened backstage and all the after shocks of that event. You will be as amazed as we were at what really happened that night in Canada!!!

Both men also discuss working and partying with the Nature Boy Ric Flair. They talked about working for the Crocketts. Dave and Earl talk about how they got into the WWE and did the double switch angle with Andre and Ted Dibiase. Hear what it was like to work matches with Steve Austin, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Andre and more. Who they hated to work with like Ultimate Warrior, Big Show and more. What happened on the horrific night when Owen Hart passed away? Both men talk about why they got fired and what they think of Johnny Ace. These were the first comments ever about why they got fired from their point of view. This is a hell of a interview!!!

  • How did they get started in the wrestling business?
  • How did referees get trained?
  • Did they ever want to be pro wrestlers?
  • Any memorable NWA refereeing experiences?(Earl)
  • What led to Earl leaving the NWA? Rumors say it was a money dispute with Jim Crockett.
  • Why did Dave never join the NWA?
  • Is it true Dave wanted Earl to join the WWF for a long time before Earl finally agreed?
  • How did Dave get his break as a referee in the WWF?
  • Twin Referees Angle: Andre The Giant ends Hulk Hogan's 4 year WWF Title reign after falling on him during an attempted powerslam and getting a fast three count from Earl(angle was someone had been paid by DiBiase to get their face reconstructed to look like Dave Hebner)
  • What are some of your thoughts on the infamous angle?
  • Since Earl was introduced as a heel, did you continue to play a heel on shows afterwards or did the WWF act like it was a one-time deal?
  • Thoughts on working with Hulk Hogan?
  • What was it like to work in the WWF during the Hulkamania Era?
  • Thoughts on working with The Ultimate Warrior?
  • Dave's memories of refereeing the Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior match at Wrestlemania 6 in Toronto.
  • Thoughts on working with Andre The Giant?
  • Thoughts on other early 90's WWF referees such as Joey Morella, Danny Davis, Tim White and Mike Chioda.
  • How did Shane McMahon get a start as a referee and did either of them help him out?
  • Was there any jealousy that Vince's son got to be a referee?
  • In 1992, Sid was fired from the WWF after Dave caught him cheating on a drug test. Was there