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Hacksaw Jim Duggan Caught on Tape! DVD

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You have seen Hacksaw Jim Duggan wrestle for the WWF, WCW and WWE. You have never seen him like this! See Hacksaw the street fighter, the comedian, and Hacksaw blasted out of his gourd at a celebrity party.

Hacksaw will also tell you stories from the road about other famous pro wrestlers that you won't get from the media. All of this was caught through the lens of the Havin' a Beer with Mike reality/documentary series. Havin' a Beer with Mike is a top Nielsen rated series. This DVD Delivers!

See Hacksaw rip apart a studio during an interview as the host runs for cover! Watch an intoxicated Hacksaw choke a Terrorist at a private party. Get the ultimate prank! See Hacksaw explode when he is confronted by a cheesy look-alike at a bar.

PLUS, BONUS LOST PILOT, Biker's Court. Hacksaw is the judge with an all biker jury. See Hacksaw lay down swift justice with his 2X4 as a midget sues big tobacco for stunting his growth.