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Guest Booker... Mike Graham DVD

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The CWF/Crockett Merger

It was supposed to be an old-school partnership. Jim Crockett Promotions was stepping in for a merger with Championship Wrestling from Florida. The promotions would have a talent swap, share their biggest cities, as well as their television exposure.

Then it was over. Why?

According to our current Guest Booker Mike Graham, son of CWF's legendary Eddie Graham, the fix was in from the beginning. He alleges that it was Crockett's plan all along. The merger was an attempt to infiltrate and bankrupt the Florida territory that the Graham family had spent a lifetime cultivating.

  • How did the Florida territory work?
  • What made it so unique?
  • What was the magic of Eddie Graham?
  • How was Crockett able to infiltrate?

Mike Graham was dad Eddie's best friend. He is the only man alive with the insight into Eddie's mind and the intricate machinations of his business, and Florida wrestling as a whole. Learn about Florida, Eddie, running the territory, fighting Crockett, Dusty's departure and its effect on Eddie. And ultimately, the details surrounding the untimely death of Eddie Graham.